Six Flags America Review – A Wonderful Amusement Park Near the Nation’s Capitol!

Six Flags America, located just outside of the nation’s capitol, consists of over one hundred exciting rides, fun games, entertaining shows, and attractions. Some of the most popular rides are the superhero themed roller coasters, such as the Joker’s Jinx, Riddle Me This, and Superman: Ride of Steel. There are also Looney Tunes attractions made especially for kids, including: Pepe’ LePew’s Tea Party, Yosemite Sam’s Hollywood Flight School, and Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce!Despite all the numerous, modern, hi-tech rides, there is still one, classic roller coaster that still stands the test of time: The Wild One. This old fashioned wooden coaster is the perfect choice for those who want to feel a sense of nostalgia during their stay at Six Flags America. At nearly 100 feet high and with a top speed of 53 mph, The Wild One may not be the tallest or the fastest roller coaster in America, but it sure is one of the most classic and memorable!The only actual downside to this theme park is the food. It can sometimes be pricey and not at all tasty. It’s essential for travelers to get some Six Flags America coupons online before going, so that they can save on food, drinks, rides, shows, and more. The wide variety of thrills and exciting rides more than makes up for the bland food, however, so Six Flags America is definitely worth a visit.The best place to make reservations is online. Amusement parks are known for giving exclusive deals on tickets on the internet, and Six Flags is no exception. Anywhere near the Mitchellville, MD and Washington DC area needs to order their discount tickets in advanced. Also, dozens of Six Flags America coupons are available for those who want to save all the money possible during their stay!